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My business, like my life is diversified. I do both start to finish quilts, or just finish your quilt top for you. I work with you to match my quilting to the needs of your quilt. The start to finish quilts/pillows include: T-shirt, Photographs, Comfort quilts and Traditional Designs. Individual attention is given to every quilt, with free consultation. My primary business is providing a quality hand-guided machine quilting service for finishing quilt tops for those who enjoy the designing and piecing aspect of quilting. I can repair some family heirlooms, but it is a case by case decision. I do many start to finish quilts from t-shirts, photographs and patterns for those whose time and ability are limited. I have done some teaching, and mentoring others has always been a fun part of my business. You as my customers have already created beautiful quilts and I will work with you to customize a design to fit your needs.

Real-Quilts Sewing Services
  • T-Shirt quilts, for sports participated in, college and high school memories. Sports fan frequently have too many T-shirts. Now there is something you can do with the t-shirts you have collected over the years, from sports, high school, college, vacations, concerts or just out grown. This quilt is guaranteed to make you smile and keep you warm too. The quilt could be a wonderful graduation gift or a special present.You send me a box of shirts and I send you back a completed quilt.
  • Photograph Quilts and collages, with your photos (new, old or digitalized) and your input can create a lasting memory in quilts or pillows. There is no damage to the original photographs and they are returned to you.
  • Comfort quilts from love ones clothing, either living or deceased, which also could include written memories on fabric and photographs. Comfort quilts can include signatures, sayings, photographs and love. I have used all kinds of clothing, t-shirts, silk shirts, blue jeans, heavy/bulky sweaters, sweatshirts and flannel. I will suggest a pattern when I know how many quilts will be made out of how much clothing. Working with clothing is unique and challenging, but among the most rewarding of my quilting experience.
  • Quilting your top for you and/or binding it.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your quilt or any quilting ideas you may have!!

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Debbie Rolek
165 Gray Ave
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Cell: (515) 238-9916